CRECHE – 2 Months – 2 Years Old

Please bring your healthy baby
Fill out our admission form
Passport photographs
Immunization record
Pay all necessary fees


                                                   Step 1 : Application
When a parent or guardian is ready to submit an admission form for your child/ward, please
complete our online application form, print and bring it with you or stop by our office to pick
one up.
School report – Most recent final report from the previous term or school.year if applicable.
Copy of child’s birth certificate.
Guardians will be required to present a certificate of guardianship.
2 passport photographs.
Pertinent medical information and updated vaccination record.

                                                  Step 2 : Assessment

We evaluate all potential students before offering them a place in the classroom. Nursery
and primary school assessments are conducted by the Head of Nursery and Primary Section
and involve observations in core subjects and social development.
Secondary school assessment involves taking the Christabel Common Entrance Examination
and an individualized interview conducted by a panel of Christabel Schools faculty.

                                                 Step 3 : Enrollment

After successfully completing the application and assessment, the parent or guardian will be
notified immediately for nursery and primary level.
Secondary school notifications of acceptance will be sent out electronically along with a posted
formal letter.